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Onion line Frankrijk TG

Onion line in France, where the product is automatically topped, inspected, graded and filled into boxes. 30 tons / hour.

Carrot line Brazil

Allround 15 - 18 tons / hour carrot line in Brazil. In this line the following machines are included: Hopper B160-500, Washing Machine U500, Chunk Grader L180-2, Double Inspection Unit D500+, Polisher TD350-18, Hydrocooler HC200, Radial Grader R150-70-5.

Destoner D150 for carrots

Destoner D150 with carrots in South Africa. As these carrots are harvested with a lot of soil and clods, the Allround Destoner D150 is the perfect solution for this customer.

Allround Shake Grading line

Allround Shake Grading Line for seed potatoes in Jalandhar, Punjab, India. The capacity of this line is about 25 tons / hour.

Allround Cabbage line

Allround VP cabbage line for cleaning and grading cabbages. With air the leafs are blown off the product, after which the product is put into bags. Optionally the product can be graded as well.

Allround 3D animation 'potatoes'

A 3D animation of a potato storage and handling plant. The product comes from the land in tiptrailers. Via a Receiving Hopper, Duo Belts and a Space Finder the product is placed in a bulk cold store. When the product needs to be shipped, a Pickup Scooter is taking the product out of the store. With Duo Belts the product is transported to a washing and grading line, from which the product is loaded into a truck.

Allround 3D animation 'carrots'

A 3D animation of a carrot wholesaler. The product comes from the land in boxes, and is put in the cold store. After the cold store, the carrots are washed, polished, cooled and graded. When this is done, the product is packed and ready for shipment.

Potato Bulk Storage

A video of a potato storage facility in Gujarat, India. Product is brought from the field, and brought to the store, where it can stay up to 11 months.

Allround Onion Line

Onion Line in Kahovka, Ukraine. The line is capable of receiving, pre-grading, topping, selecting and grading onions at a rate of 30 tons / hour. After this the product is packed in net bags.

Allround Bloembollenlijnen

Deze video laat de Allround was- en sorteerlijnen zien, speciaal ontwikkeld voor bloembollen. Allround levert de volgende machines voor bloembollen, met een capaciteit tot 20 kisten per uur: spoelmachines, ontsteners, vellenbakken, lappendrogers, radiaal sorteerders, ontsmettingssystemen.

Allround VP Carrot line Serbia

Allround VP carrot line in Serbia containing a hopper, pre-cleaning, washing, polishing, chunk grading, selection and grading. This line has a maximum capacity of approximately 10 tons per hour.

Allround Promo

Our movie that was shown at the Fruitlogistica exhibition in Berlin, Germany
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